Coalition Politics: Dawn of A New Era In Britain

In Britain, Politics on May 13, 2010 at 12:43 pm

Upheavals and pangs of the birth have just subsided in Britain.

Britain has witnessed the dawn of a new era of coalition politics and governance, which is a stark reality in many democracies around the world and has multiple spin offs.  Apart from the strong opposition, this coalition arrangement also ensures in-house coalition pulls and pressures which ultimately works towards implementation of only those policies that augur well for the larger population base.

No doubt that it takes special skills to navigate the coalition boat through murky political waters while ensuring everyone’s satisfaction. David Cameron has already cleared the first test by bringing together a coalition and will certainly become adept in the art of coalition functioning. It would be beneficial if he could take some tips from Dr. ManMohan Singh.

I wish David Cameron the very best.

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