Intent Vs Capability

In China, Defense on May 14, 2010 at 1:22 pm

Of  late defense analysts are busy debating the Chinese Navy re organization, its envisaged role and its effect on neighbours. No doubt that make over of Chinese Navy from “Brownwater” to “Bluewater” is a cause of concern for all its neighbours as well as reigning superpowers of the world. I  agree that enhancing one’s own military capabilities is at one’s sole discretion in accordance with their own national interests and strategic perceptions. However, such an action is bound to raise legitimate hackles of concerned neighbours who will have to take note and match Chinese capabilities.

China may defend the make over by stating its intent of non-aggression. But neighbours may argue that intentions can be altered without prior notice to exploit one’s capabilities.

This will start a new race in the region wherein every concerned nation-state will embark upon matching modernization of its military capabilities. I am of the opinion that such a game of one-upmanship will not lead us anywhere. Good sense must prevail to put an end to this race.

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