Ill Effects of Dredging

In Environment on May 15, 2010 at 3:59 pm

A thought-provoking article on dredging of rivers in Cambodia drew my attention. It is amazing to learn that sand is dredged from river beds and exported to Singapore. Both Singapore and Cambodia, are immensely harming the  natural ecological balance. Marine life is totally destroyed  due to extensive river bed dredging and its ill effects are not difficult to comprehend. Simultaneously, habitats along the river banks have caved in and been  destroyed. Singapore is utilizing huge amounts of sand in re-claiming extra land mass from sea, which again damages the ecological balance as well as marine life.

We, the human race indulge in such activities without any thought for its repercussions. It is time to create global awareness and adopt strict measures including universally codified laws against such damaging practices. All nation-states must come together on a common platform to curb such anti-ecological activities.

I, urge everyone reading this to take up this issue in right earnest and help spread the word to preserve the nature.


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