Afghanistan: will it be Karzai or someone else?

In Afghanistan, Defense on May 16, 2010 at 7:19 am

Differences  in opinion &  future course of action in Afghanistan has led to a strained relationship between Hamid Karzai and President Obama. Karzai initiated dialogue with Taliban to integrate them in mainstream and back his government. President Obama and US administration did not approve of Karzai’s initiative and have continued the annihilation of Taliban’s military capabilities and bring them to a position of disadvantage at the negotiating table. Moreover, Karzai has also failed in dealing with issues of corruption and mobilizing support for Kandahar operation.

At one stage Karzai openly commented against the US and NATO stand in Afghanistan and went on record saying that- “I will prefer joining Taliban”.

Continued deadlock prompted US administration to look  for an alternative to Karzai to enable implementation of US policies and ensure a situation such that US forces can return home by July 2011 in accordance with Obama’s plan. There are many capable and deserving leaders who are part of Karzai’s current cabinet and fit the bill as a replacement to Karzai.

In a  recent visit to US and meeting with Obama administration, Karzai has been able to buy some time for himself and stall the talk of replacement for the time being.

Let us wait and observe how far Karzai will walk with US & NATO.

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