Successful firing of nuclear capable Agni II missile

In Defense, India on May 17, 2010 at 9:40 am

Nuclear capable Agni II Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile having a range of 2000 km with a payload of 1000 kg has been successfully fired by Indian Army on 17May 2010.

This missile has already been inducted in service  and is  operational. It is a precursor to Agni III with a strike range of 3500 km and Agni V an Inter Continental Ballistic Missile with ranges up to 5500km.

High-points of Indian missile development programme are :

  • total indigenous efforts
  • achieving parity for credible deterrence with its neighbours.

Though anti India missile lobbies will lay blame at India’s door step for encouraging arms race in the region, existing capabilities of China and Pakistan exonerates India of the same.


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