Chidambaram speak on maoists

In India, Terrorism on May 19, 2010 at 9:43 am

Home minister P. Chidambram made some important statements after the maoist strike of 17May 2010.We must analyse these to understand in correct perspective.

Use of Air power

In this context Air effort can be used effectively for

  • Recce (visual & photo)
  • Heli lifting & dropping SF to intercept extremists
  • Move of reinforcements
  • Straffing well defined large group of extremists
  • Casualty evacuation.

Subject of State Govt

Mr Chidambram rightly reminded that it is a state responsibility. However  now he (union govt) must  accept this responsibility as the menace has already engulfed five states and uncoordinated individual state measures have not yielded desired results. Centralized Unified Command under Home ministry should be set up without delay to deal with this menace effectively.

One must remember that such menace, if not curbed effectively, has the potential of spinning out of control and  the Nation may  have to pay heavy price.  Both the options of dialog and SF action must therefor be explored to find a speedy solution.


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