Bhisma vs Arjun

In Defense, India on May 20, 2010 at 11:49 am

T 90S - Bhisma

If one goes only  by the names of famous Mahabharata personalities , there is no comparison between Bhisma and Arjun. However when Bhisma is a Russian T90 and Arjun is an Indian made Main Battle Tank (MBT), comparison is inevitable.

Russian T 90 has been inducted & accepted by Indian army as its front line tank. On the other hand Arjun, an Indian DRDO product,  ran into numerous hurdles before 124 pieces were accepted & inducted in operational service by army.

DRDO and Army have stuck to their respective stands.  DRDO claims superiority of Arjun & meeting the army QR whereas Army  states that Arjun in its present state has no role and its basic structure should be used to develop the next generation MBT .


Comparative trials have  been conducted in April/May 2010 and Arjun has reportedly outperformed T90. If it is so, Army should reconsider operational role & employ-ability of MBT Arjun.

It is important to understand that indigenous product must always  be  given preference to remove dependency on other nations during war and develop our own defense research & production. In any case it is the man behind the machine who matters more than the machine  as long as we do not put him at technological & mechanical disadvantage vis a vis his adversary.


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