Nuclear chess in Iran

In Defense, Iran, nuclear on May 21, 2010 at 12:31 pm

A grand game of nuclear chess is being played in Iran where several nations, guided primarily by their individual national & financial  interests, are making moves and counter moves to score a victory.

Iran’s nuclear infrastructure is the chess board and main players apart from Iran are USA , Russia, China, Brazil, Turkey and India.

USA in its effort to establish a total hold over the entire middle east region, especially after the Iraq invasion, had focused attention on Iran. Coercive diplomacy, threats of UN sanctions and direct military action by  USA  have failed to reign in Iranian nuclear aspirations till now. In addition USA has also imposed unilateral sanctions and is urging other countries not to do any major business deals with Iran ostensibly to prevent making of nuclear weapons.

As per latest reports Brazil ,Turkey and Iran have signed an agreement in which low enriched uranium of Iran will be sent to Turkey and in turn Brazil will supply limited quantity of higher enriched uranium to Iran for using it in  medical research work. This has irked Russia because Iran’s ties with Turkey are likely to go against Russian interest of monopoly over gas supply to European region. China is also not very happy with Iran as nothing much has progressed in the proposed 20 billion dollar investment in oil exploration work in Iran. Accordingly USA succeeded in getting signed fresh sanctions against Iran from Russia & China on the very next day of Brazil-Turkey agreement.

India has  its own policies & interests in Iran and accordingly our stand is at variance with USA.

It is evident that all players are being guided by respective national interests and the  nonproliferation of nuclear weapons has taken a back seat . In my opinion this is a bad signal for serious nonproliferation supporters.

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