Indian Light Combat Helicopter (LCH):Debut Flight

In Defense, India on May 24, 2010 at 12:19 pm

It was a proud moment  for the Nation when indigenously developed  LCH took to the skies at Bengaluru on 23May 2010. The debut flight of attack helicopter,which compares with the best in its class internationally, has catapulted India in a select group of nations who posses this capability.

LCH prototype

LCH project was sanctioned and entrusted  in 2006 to HAL, the successful developers of first Indian Advanced Light Helicopter(ALH) DHRUV . HAL  has  developed LCH as a derivative of its flagship ALH  Dhruv and it is expected to  be inducted in Army & AF operational service in 2012 .

LCH is a state of the art machine incorporating stealth features and crash landing gear for survivability. It is equipped with helmet mounted targeting systems, electronic warfare systems and advanced weapon systems eg missiles, rockets, bombs & turret mounted guns.

This attack helicopter has all weather capabilities and is configured for antitank, anti infantry,anti air-defense as well as all types of heptr missions in tactical battle field.

Induction of LCH will indigenously  fulfill the requirement of  a state of the art attack helicopter for the Indian Armed Forces.


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