Army Chief on Foreign Military Sales(FMS) from USA

In Defense, India on May 25, 2010 at 1:14 pm

Today I read an article which reported that Army Chief General V K Singh has written a letter to the Defense Minister regarding   problems of FMS from USA. In  nutshell FMS is non tender purchase in which US Govt procures military equipment on behalf of Govt of India from US companies and charges commission for the service rendered.

Army Chief Gen V K Singh

Till 2002 our Armed Forces were solely dependent on Russia, erstwhile USSR and WARSA countries.

We started FMS purchases from US in year 2002 and have continued since then in a big way. Main advantage of FMS is procurement of state of the art military equipment from USA which otherwise can not be purchased from the open market.

Problems related to maintenance of equipment purchased through FMS from USA appears mainly due to non inclusion of relevant clause in contract. Concern of the Army Chief must therefore needs to be kept in view for all future procurements through FMS. In fact Govt of USA must be visited on the issue of maintenance of all previously procured systems under FMS to alleviate difficulties faced by Armed Forces.


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