Update on Jharkhand impasse

In India, Politics on May 30, 2010 at 3:55 am

True to his reputation, Shibu Soren refused to resign and step down from CM chair in-spite of publicly accepting rotational power sharing agreement with BJP. After a rethink central leadership of BJP once again decided to withdraw support to Shibu govt and informed the Governor accordingly.

Governor has directed Shibu Soren to prove his majority support on the floor of state assembly on 31 May.

Political impasse in Jharkhand continues and suspense will only be over on 31 May. Let us hope that fresh elections will not be forced on the state so soon due to immaturity and stubbornness of state political leadership.

P.S.  Shibu Soren has submitted his resignation as CM  ahead of scheduled assembly session to prove majority as he failed to muster requisite support.

President’s rule has been imposed on 1st June as all three major political parties have failed to form the Govt in Jharkhand.

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