Israeli raid on Gaza aid flotilla

In Defense, Israel on June 1, 2010 at 11:48 am

Gaza blockade was started by Israel in January2006 when Hamas won elections in Palestine. The blockade has continued since then and in fact has been made more strict after Hamas took over Gaza in June 2007. Israel permits entry of 15000 tons of humanitarian aid every week for the blockaded territories.

Israeli commando raid of Monday on a high profile humanitarian aid flotilla of six ships, in which 19 people have died, has invited wrath of international community.Turkey called for an emergency meeting of UN Security council on Monday where Israel faced condemnation for subject military raid.

The 15 member UN Security council has  condemned the Israeli military raid on humanitarian aid flotilla and deeply regretted the loss of lives. They have also called for immediate release of seized ships, aid stores and passengers.

As usual USA supported Israel  by stating that aid flotilla should not have tried to defy the blockade because specified route and methods are in vogue for sending humanitarian aid to Gaza.

All said and done Israel, with the tacit US support,has never bothered for the adverse world opinion and has done whatever is deemed or perceived to be in their national interest.


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