Use of Armed Forces against Naxals

In India, Terrorism on June 2, 2010 at 1:56 pm

Current spate of violent incidents by Maoist Naxals against police, paramilitary forces & innocent civilians and resultant large number of  fatal casualties have put the Central Govt under  pressure to use Armed Forces to control this menace.

Armed Forces are the ultimate & last resource of a nation to deal with any threat,external or internal. Status of Armed Forces is akin to “Bramhastra” ie they must only be committed when everything else has failed; more so if contemplating its use against our own citizens.

Have we expended all our resources and failed?

Answer is emphatic NO.

Till now only state police and some additional battalions of CRPF have been committed to combat this menace.When Central Police and Paramilitary forces can successfully combat insurgency in J&K, why won’t they succeed against Naxals? They will definitely succeed if we ensure correct kitting, proper training and clear directions to them.

Central Home Ministry has not yet taken over the control and blame for failure is being passed on to state govts as law & order is state subject. Isn’t the time is over ripe for stepping in of  Central Govt and creation of a unified command to address this menace in a well planned and coordinated manner?

Use of Armed Forces at this stage is a non issue.

Let us rise above the political affiliation & interests to rid the Nation of this menace forever.


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