Make Earth a better place to live

In Environment on June 3, 2010 at 2:18 pm

Earth and its atmosphere is the most beautiful gift of God to all living beings. In all fairness we should preserve and maintain it such that future generations can  be proud of this natural heritage. But most of us do not care.

If we continue to plunder the nature’s bounty and destroy ecological balance at current rate & scale, be rest assured to face Doomsday much earlier than the forecasted period. Green house effect, global warming, ozone hole and extinction of species etc are all grim pointers of impending holocaust.

All is not lost. We can definitely arrest, if not restore, the damage & deterioration. Better late than never.

Can we undertake any of the following as our humble token of respect to mother earth and its atmosphere –

  • Plant trees.
  • Do not cut or damage vegetation.
  • Conserve water & use rain water harvesting.
  • Conserve electricity & use renewable sources of energy.
  • Do not use polyethene and other non bio degradable material
  • Do not kill or harm fauna.
  • Reduce, if can’t avoid, usage of appliances responsible for green house effects & warming.

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