Mamta ready for final assault in West Bengal

In India, Politics on June 3, 2010 at 9:46 am

Mamta Banerjee

First the  2009 Lok Sabha and now the civic body elections of 2010, Mamta’s Trinamul has continued it’s victory march towards the final objective i.e. 2011 State Assembly elections in West Bengal. Mamta is so confident that she does not want to with hold her victory charge and has demanded early assembly elections.

Writing on the wall must be read clearly.

Left’s record making long innings in WB seems to be winding up.They have had their more than fair share of governing WB mostly under the legendary Jyoti Da and now with Buddha Babu.

Congress will also have to learn from its follies and accept the ground reality that Mamta calls the shot in WB.

Mamta on her part must continue to maintain the momentum with masses, keep Trinamul cadres pepped up and press home the final assault to come out a clear winner.

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