Update on Nuclear Chess in Iran

In Defense, Iran, nuclear on June 9, 2010 at 12:48 pm

Fourth UN resolution , sponsored by USA and allies, for fresh sanctions against Iran is coming up for voting in 15 member UN Security Council today. The proposed sanctions include arms embargo (related to development of Ballistic missiles for carriage of nuclear weapons & procurement of heavy weapons including attack helicopters), ban on Iranian investments and travel ban for select bodies and individuals related to Iranian nuclear programme.

Nine out of 15 members are required to vote for passage of subject resolution unless any one of five permanent members vetoes it. In all probability the resolution will be passed today as only Brazil and Turkey, who have recently signed nuclear material swap agreement with Iran, may oppose it.

USA and allies believe that these fresh sanctions will pressurise and persuade Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions. However Iran is likely to remain defiant as it still enjoys reasonable  support and wherewithal to cut corners. In my opinion negotiation and talks will be more effective than the sanctions in arriving at mutually acceptable solution.


UN Security Council has passed the resolution by 12-2. Lebanon abstained while Brazil & Turkey voted against sanctions.


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