Winner of FIFA World Cup 2010 is ?????

In soccer, sports on June 11, 2010 at 1:08 pm

The biggest sporting event of 2010 , FIFA Football World Cup, has begun in South Africa. It will take some time before the dust of inaugural ceremony settles down and team positions stabilizes in respective groups. Haze will only start clearing in quarter final matches and picture will become somewhat clear on finalization of semifinal lineup. Making a guess about the winner even at that stage will be hazardous because there will be very thin line difference between the top four teams. But it is human to guess and let us indulge.

Past Winners

Brazil have won the World Cup a record five times, with Italy hard on their heels with four wins and West Germany on three. Here is a list of all the World Cup winners along with runner-up and final score.

Year Host Winner Runner Up Score
1930 Uruguay Uruguay Argentina 4-2
1934 Italy Italy Czechoslovakia 2-1
1938 France Italy Hungary 4-2
1950 Brazil Uruguay Brazil 2-1
1954 Switzerland West Germany Hungary 3-2
1958 Sweden Brazil Sweden 5-2
1962 Chile Brazil Czechoslovakia 3-1
1966 England England West Germany 4-2
1970 Mexico Brazil Italy 4-1
1974 West Germany West Germany Netherlands 2-1
1978 Argentina Argentina Netherlands 3-1
1982 Spain Italy West Germany 3-1
1986 Mexico Argentina West Germany 3-2
1990 Italy West Germany Argentina 1-0
1994 United States Brazil Italy 0-0 (P)
1998 France France Brazil 3-0
2002 South Korea/Japan Brazil Germany 2-0
2006 Germany Italy France 1-1 (P)

Winner of 2010 ?

One must take in to account the availability of players, performance during the last one year, current form, strength & weakness as a team and record in past world cups before guessing & arriving at final four.

My take on final four is :-


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