How safe is schooling for Girls in Afghanistan ?

In Afghanistan, Terrorism on June 14, 2010 at 12:38 pm

A news report from Afghanistan tells that 60 girls of a school have been poisoned apparently for defying the Taliban diktats by attending the school. This is third such incident with in last week.

Is this the freedom we want to guarantee for the common Afghani wherein girl child can’t even go to school ?

Can any strength of Armed Forces, national or international, ensure girl child’s fundamental right to education ?

Answer of both these questions is “NO”.

I am not denouncing or belittling the sacrifices and yeoman services of valiant armed forces operating under UN mandate in Afghanistan because without them civilisation  in Afghanistan would have been dead long back.

I just want to emphasise that conducive environment has been created by these international forces in most of the Afghanistan and local army, police, civil administration and masses will have to overcome the fear, lethargy & inertia to rise and shape their own destiny from hereon. It goes without saying that final bullets for freedom and democracy in Afghanistan will have to be fired by the Afghani’s themselves.


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