Violence spreads in Kyrgyzstan

In central asia, Politics on June 15, 2010 at 12:33 pm

In an earlier post, I had written about the breaking out of ethnic clashes in this strategically located Central Asian nation and opined that international intervention by Russia and USA is essential to bring the situation under control and establish the rule of law in Kyrgyzstan.

The situation has rapidly deteriorated since than. Chaotic condition prevails in southern region which is the stronghold of deposed President Bakiev where Kyrgyz are killing Uzbeks. Officially more than 120 people have died and about 1500 have been injured. As per reports about 100000 refugees have already crossed over to Uzbekistan and 80000 more are waiting to escape. International Red Cross has deemed the situation as humanitarian catastrophe.

Interim Govt has already requested Russia to intervene and bring the situation under control.

It is pertinent to mention that Russia as well as USA have their strategic military bases located in Kyrgyzstan. In- fact  US operations in Afghanistan are being  supported from their Kyrgyz base at Manas. Neither Russia nor USA can therefore afford to be silent spectators of the chaotic conditions and ethnic violence in Kyrgyzstan.

Let us hope that Russia and USA will respond in time to bring back normalcy in this Central Asian nation.

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