Threats to the survival of Jarawas in Andaman

In Demography, India on June 17, 2010 at 12:30 pm

Today I read an article titled “Human safaris threaten good old Jarawas in the Andaman”.

It is a shame that dignity,  privacy and right to live of Jarawa tribe is being so  brazenly violated in their own natural habitat. This tribe has lived on Andaman islands for more than 55000 years without any contact with outside world. Their current population is estimated to be about 350.

Survival of Jarawas is at stake mainly on following counts :-

  • Great Andaman Trunk Road, constructed in 1970, runs through the reserve forest which is homeland of Jarawas. This highway brought illegal encroachment and settlements right inside the Jarawas natural habitat.This also resulted in their initiation to the out side world from 1997 onwards.
  • Exposure to diseases, to which Jarawas has no immunity, and dependency on out side world.
  • Adverse effects of  unauthorized and illegal tourism activities in & through their habitat.

It is time that we take up the cause of Jarawa tribe in right earnest and make sure that they do not get wiped out from the universe.


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