Naxal activities in the realm of “Children and Armed Conflicts”

In India, Terrorism on June 19, 2010 at 2:21 am

A recent UN report has reflected Naxal activities in certain Indian states in the realm of “Children and Armed Conflicts”. Indian envoy at UN has strongly protested this reference by stating that Naxal violence does not make it a zone of armed conflict as defined by the international law.

Well, we in India do feel that this reference is on the harsher side and strong protest by our UN envoy is fully justified.

Notwithstanding this harsh indictment, one should not undermine and overlook the UN report. In fact we must take cue from this report and go into all relevant details to verify the recruitment and use of children for Naxal violence. This UN indictment should thus be utilized to put in place the requisite preventive measures and save children from falling in to Naxal trap.

Always pick up positives from every adverse report and use it for maximum advantage.

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