Prithvi Missiles : A Saga of Success

In Defense, India on June 23, 2010 at 2:34 am

Integrated Guided Missile Development Program was started in 1983 with an aim of achieving self-reliance in research, development and production of all categories of tactical and strategic missile systems in India.

Prithvi was the first missile from the stable of this ambitious program which was developed, tested and produced indigenously by DRDO. Prithvi  proved to be a highly successful series of missiles and has paved the way for development  and production of an enviable state of the art family of advanced missile systems indigenously by DRDO.

Prithvi missile has three variants, one for each wing of armed forces.

  • Prithvi I. Surface to surface missile which can carry a warhead of 1000 kg up to a range of 150 km with an accuracy of 50 meters. This variant is for the Army and is operational with them since 1994.

    Prithvi I

  • Prithvi II. This variant is meant for fielding by Air Force. Range of this edition has since been enhanced from original 250 to 350 km with a payload of up to 1000 kg. This is a nuclear capable missile with improved aided inertial navigation system and capability to decieve ABMs. This missile was once again successfully tested on 18 June 2010 and is being inducted with Air Force.

    Prithvi II

  • Prithvi III. It is the naval version and is also called Dhanush. This ship to surface missile has been designed to achieve ranges up to 350,600 and 750 km with payloads of 1000,500 and 250kg respectively.This system has already been successfully tested six times, last being in December 2009, and is in advanced stages of induction in operational service.

    Prithvi III (Dhanush)

Successful development and fielding of Prithvi series of missiles with Indian Armed Forces is definitely a great feather in the cap of DRDO and entire scientist fraternity.


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