FIFA World Cup 2010: Winner of Golden Boot ?

In soccer, sports on June 29, 2010 at 3:31 pm

The Line up for quarter finals is almost complete. Leadiing goal scorers of the tournament till this stage are:-

Gonzalo Higuan (Argentina)- 4 goals

Gonzalo Higuain

Robert Vittek (Chile)- 4 goals

Robert Vittek

Thomas Meuller (Germany)- 3 goals

Thomas Mueller

David Villa (Spain)- 3 goals

David Villa

Luis Suarez (Uruguay)- 3 goals

Luis Suarez

Robert Vittek of Chile who is presently at number two position has  no chance to remain in race as his team has already been knocked out from the competition.

Mueller,David Villa & Suarez will have to strive hard to catch up and overtake Gonzalo Higuain of Argentina who is leading the pack right from the word go.

I will put my stakes on Higuain of Argentina as his team  is expected to play in the tournament finals.

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