How Can Security Forces Avoid Casualties in Naxal Attacks

In Defense, India on June 30, 2010 at 12:59 pm

Attacks on security forces engaged in anti naxal operations are likely to increase if  we do not put in concerted efforts to prepare and train them for this specific task.

I would like to recommend some measures which will help security forces in gaining the upper hand and avoiding own casualties:-

Pre-induction Training. All units and individuals assigned for anti naxal duties must be put through structured training schedule of at least four weeks to prepare and familiarise them with terrain characteristics, modus operandi of naxals, local customs & traditions and specialized tactics & techniques to effectively tackle naxal threat. Emphasis must be on physical fitness, quick response, shooting skills for close quarter encounters, drills for counter ambush, search operations and anti-IED.

Intelligence network. Reliable, real time and actionable intelligence is must for planning & execution of precision operations without any co-lateral damage. Integration of all int agencies including local police is essential for success.

Equipment. Security forces must procure, maintain and train on specialized equipment eg mine detectors, IED jammers, anti mine vehicles, night vision devices and communication as well as monitoring systems.

Use of Protective Gear. Bullet proof head gear and jackets must always be worn during operations to avoid casualties.

Modified Vehicles. Suitable modifications of vehicles against bullets, grenade and IED attacks is essential to avoid casualties.

Camp Defence. Local defence of security force camps and posts must be planned, organised, co-ordinated and rehearsed properly to effectively ward off & counter naxal raid or attacks on them.

Alertness. Key to avoid casualties is alertness. One must always remain alert and develop sixth sense to detect any unusual activity or change in surroundings.

Abide by Drills & Procedures. Never violate time tested drills, procedures and teachings imparted during training. Maximum casualties take place when you become lax and violate the instructions.

Win Hearts & Minds of Locals. Your actions to win hearts and minds of local population will act as force multiplier towards your success as well as safety.

  1. Colonel, very nice suggestions. question – why the fu#k is this not already implemented since the very start? by “since the very start” i mean since the time immortal – since the time the force was established. I can only imagine what the heck they are doing in other border areas … isn’t it pity that it is the govt force which is the “poor fellas” category. its a fu#$@ng shame!

    the fact is, indian forces (crpf, army, police, whatever) are just a bunch of pussies … i bet the crpf javans would have run the moment they were ambushed …

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