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A New Beginning…

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I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to you all for extending your kind support and viewer ship of my maiden blogging effort for the past two months.

I greatly value your esteemed opinion and support.

Colonelspeaks in now embarking on a new journey by way of own site titled


I would request for your continued patronage and support in my new endeavor

Profound regards and thanks.



FIFA World Cup 2010 : Race for Golden Boot now in Last Lap

In soccer, sports on July 8, 2010 at 11:54 am
Who will be the one?

Two matches more and we all will witness the ceremony to felicitate the highest goal scorer of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Who will be he ?

David Villa or Sneijder or Mueller or Forlan !!

First we will witness the play off for 3rd and 4th positions between Germany and Uruguay on Saturday. Please watch Mueller and David Forlan if they can increase their existing tally of 4 goals each and surpass Villa and Sneijder’s score of 5?

Then the big final on Sunday wherein David Villa and Sneijder will be under the scanner.

The race for the Golden Boot is still wide open and the winner will only be thrown up during the grand finale on 11 July 2010.

For the latest on Golden Boot race

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Spain Storms to FIFA 2010 Final

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Octopus Paul’s prediction came true when Spain defeated Germany by 1-0 at Durban.

It was the second semi final match and Spain dominated the off-color Germans throughout. Though Spain missed many chances to score and take lead, Germany without Mueller could pose no serious threat to Spanish citadel.

Lone goal of the match came in 73rd minute when a header from Spaniard Carles Puyol found the German net.

It was 12th FIFA semifinal appearance of the Germany and like 2006, they again lost it. Spain, on the other hand, appeared first time in a FIFA semi final and scored 1-0 victory to enter Final.

Spain will now meet another European team, Netherlands, in the final clash for coveted FIFA World Cup 2010. It is very difficult to guess the winner but let us wait for the pre match indication from Pal the octopus !

Man of The Match. Xavi of Spain

Wishing M S Dhoni a very happy……..

In Cricket, sports on July 7, 2010 at 8:41 am

True to his uncanny style of captaincy, this time Dhoni has surprised the media and his followers alike by quick fire engagement and marriage on 3rd & 4th July 2010.

No one had an iota of inkling about Dhoni’s impending engagement with Sakshi till it was revealed after solemnization. The entire media was pleasantly shocked and went in an over drive to make up for deficiency in their reporting of Dhoni’s selection of Sakshi and engagement.

When the entire media was busy in belting out their firsts and eye witness accounts of engagement, Dhoni played the master stroke. Without giving any time to the media to recover from his engagement surprise, he executed an exquisite & glorious marriage drive. The media was once again literally groping in the dark and worked over time in putting together and recreating the sequence of events for their starved viewers.

Now you know why Dhoni’s opponent on the cricket field are always caught by him on wrong foot and what is the secret of his success ?

Well Done MSD ! We all wish you a very happy & prosperous wedded life and a very happy Birth Day.

Netherlands The Oranje Marches to the FIFA 2010 Final

In soccer, sports on July 7, 2010 at 5:57 am

Green Point Stadium of Cape Town witnessed a very keenly contested semi final on 6th July 2010. Teams of Uruguay and Netherlands entered the arena to out play each other and secure berth for the FIFA 2010 Final at Johannesburg. Display of football prowess by these teams was truly worthy of a semi final.

Bronckhorst,the Dutch captain, opened the scoring in 18th minute with a magnificent strike which is in reckoning for goal of the tournament.

Uruguay’s captain Diego Forlan replied back with an equally stunning strike in 41st minute and both teams remained tied at 1-1 till half time.

Second half also witnessed absorbing football. The Oranje struck twice in quick succession in 70th and 73rd minutes through Sneijder & Robben respectively. Pereira of Uruguay found the Dutch net in 90+2nd minute and reduced the Netherlands victory margin to 3-2.

Thus the Oranje earned the distinction of First to enter 2010 FIFA final. They will now meet the winner of German-Spain face off which is scheduled today at Durban.

Man of the Match. Wesley Sneijder, Netherlands.

Israel relents and eases Gaza Blockade

In Defense, Israel on July 6, 2010 at 2:38 pm

World wide uproar and criticism  in the aftermath of Israeli raid on the international humanitarian aid flotilla in May 2010 has forced Israel to relent and ease the Gaza blockade.

The loosening of Gaza noose was evident and expected after the statement of US President. Obama had stated that the blockade is unsustainable and demanded that it must be eased significantly.

Import of household goods will now be permitted but restrictions on travel, exports and construction material will continue. However import of construction material like cement, concrete blocks and steel will be permitted for the projects funded and being constructed under supervision of international agencies.

Most countries, including USA , have welcomed the Israeli Prime Minister’s announcement regarding easing of blockade and they hope that it will bring the much needed relief for the inhabitants of Gaza.

No doubt loosening of the tight noose will bring in badly needed gasp of fresh air for the Gaza inhabitants, but lot more restrictions will have to go for sustainable relief.

World Champ who ate 54 Hot Dogs !!!

In Lifestyle, USA on July 6, 2010 at 1:04 pm

Joey Chestnut

Joey Chestnut of USA ate 54 hot dogs in 10 minutes in a competitive eating event in New York on 4th July 2010. By doing so this 26 year old American achieved an amazing feat ie won this competition for 4th consecutive year and successfully defended & retained World Championship Belt.

This competitive eating event has become very popular and is held annually by Nathan’s Hot Dogs in New York. The winner of this Hot Dog eating contest gets the World Championship Belt and prize money of $ 20000.

How good are you at eating Hot Dogs ? Prepare and get ready to take on Joey next year.

However if you are not in this big league of hot dog eaters and fed up with your greedy appetite for hot dogs , a good news awaits you. British scientist have discovered an appetite suppressant (peptide hemopressin) which can be used to control appetite for food and stop people from eating for pleasure and restricting food intake to hunger only. If this interests, you can read the attached article for details.

Know About Diabetes

In Health on July 5, 2010 at 2:22 pm

Diabetes is a life style disease which is fast getting in the category of an epidemic. It has become very common and wide spread. The biggest problem with diabetes, as in the case of high/low blood pressure,is lack of awareness and consequent non-detection.

I will be failing in my duty as a human being if I do not contribute in creating awareness about this dreaded disease. Accordingly I will share basic details of diabetes with you.

What is diabetes ?

It is a disease that causes high levels of sugar/glucose in the blood. Normally sugar/glucose in blood is converted to energy through insulin which is released in blood by pancreas. Deficiency or absence of pancreatic insulin in a persons blood leads to higher levels of sugar/glucose.

Diabetes is of two types.

  • non insulin dependent in which external administration of insulin is not required for controlling blood sugar. This is more common and about 98 % cases of diabetes are in this category. Generally adults in 30 plus age group or persons with diabetic family history are prone to this type.
  • insulin dependent diabetes and it requires external administration of insulin through injection or pump for treatment because body stops production of insulin. It is rare and accounts for 2 % of total diabetic cases.


Absence of any immediate symptoms, specially in non insulin dependent type, results in non detection of diabetes for years together. Hence regular annual or periodic fasting blood sugar tests is essential for timely detection of diabetes.


One must consult the doctor and treatment should be under supervision and monitoring of qualified specialist. Some preventive guidelines are balanced diet, regular physical exercise including appropriate yoga postures, healthy life style and regular medical check up.

General Petraeus on Strategy in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, Defense on July 5, 2010 at 8:46 am

General Petraues

Gen Petraeus, the new top commander of US Forces in Afghanistan, has formally assumed command of  NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan on 4 July 2010. He has taken over the command consequent to removal of Gen McChrystal by President Obama.

The new commander of ISAF spelt out under mentioned key aspects of strategy in his speech.

  • Help Afghan leaders in developing their security forces and governing capacity such that they can take over the task of securing Afghanistan and fulfilling the needs of people.
  • Pursue the insurgents relentlessly so that Al Qaeda and terrorists are not allowed to re-establish sanctuary / bases in Afghanistan from where they can launch strikes on Afghan people and other peace loving countries of the world.
  • Begin withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in July 2011 subject to  ” conditions on the ground”.

Let us all hope that Gen Petraeus will be able to repeat Iraqi success for return of peace in Afghanistan and safe homeward journey of troops in accordance with President Obama’s plan.

Nadal Wins Wimbledon 2010! (Mens Singles)

In sports, Tennis on July 4, 2010 at 4:17 pm

Rafael Nadal (Men's Single Champion,Wimbledon 2010)

Second seed Rafael Nadal defeated Czech giant slayer Berdych in three straight sets to claim the second Men’s Singles Wimbledon Title.

Nadal achieved this feat comfortably with a score of 6-3,7-5,6-4 .

This second Wimbledon title came to Nadal after a gap of  one year as his first Singles title was won in 2008.

This is second Grand Slam title in year 2010. The first one being French Open(Roland Garros)

With this win Nadal continues his reign as World Number 1.