FIFA World Cup 2010:Brazil withers in the orange storm(1st Quarter Final)

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The first quarter final match of FIFA World Cup 2010 was played between Brazil and Netherlands at Port Elizabeth Stadium.

Netherlands came to preserve their 23 match unbeaten run since September 2008,whereas Brazil, the formidable and record five time winner of FIFA World Cup entered the stadium to live up to their reputation of giving their best in world cup’s.

Brazil opened up the account and took an early lead by 10th minute goal of Robinho and continued to lead by 1-0 till the end of first half.

Netherlands got their equalizer in 53rd minute when they were gifted a self goal by Felipe Melo of Brazil. Incidentally this is the first self goal by Brazil in their 97 match history of 80 year old FIFA World Cup and this is the second time that Netherlands had benefited from a self goal in the current year’s tournament(FIFA World Cup’10)

Sneijder of Netherlands scored to give 2-1 lead to his team and Brazil was trailing for the first time in the tournament this year and history repeated itself when Brazil got knocked out once again in quarter finals circa 2006.

Netherlands thus became the first to qualify for 2010 FIFA Semi finals where they will meet winner of the second quarter final between Uruguay and Ghana.

Man of  the Match

Wesley Sneijder


Uruguay won the second quarter final match by defeating dark horse Ghana in a penalty shoot out after they remained tied at 1-1 in regular time. Though Ghana took the lead in first half, Uruguay equalized in 55th minute. Result of penalty shoot out was 4-2 in favour of Uruguay.

Uruguay thus became second team to qualify for 2010 semifinals and they will meet Netherlands in their quest to reach finals.


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