US attempt to tighten noose on Iran

In Defense, Iran, nuclear on July 2, 2010 at 12:30 pm

Barack Obama

Sanctions were imposed on Iran by the fourth resolution of UN which was passed by 15 member Security Council on 9th June 2010. These sanctions included arms embargo, ban on Iranian investments and travel restrictions.

These and all previous sanctions are aimed to desist Iran from enriching uranium for producing nuclear weapons and bringing Iran to negotiating table. However Iran has remained defiant and not accepted any terms or conditions on its presumably peaceful nuclear programme.

USA, in its attempt to further tighten the noose, has imposed new sanctions on Iran on1st July 2010. These sanctions are in the form of US law and provides for US ban on business & banking in respect of those who will provide refined petroleum, material, goods & services to modernise Iranian oil & gas sector as well as any financial support to Iranian agencies involved in development of nuclear weapons.

As oil & natural gas sector is the mainstay of Iranian economy and it heavily depends on refined imports, these new US sanctions are likely to hurt more. Though Iran claims that it can develop its own refining capabilities sooner than US estimates to nullify the impact of these sanctions, it will be a very difficult task specially without outside support including finances which will not be forthcoming in view of these US sanctions.

President Obama is quite confident that UN & US sanctions and international support will force Iran to stop nuclear defiance and settle for an internationally acceptable peaceful solution.


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