Efficacy of UAV Netra?

In Defense, India on July 3, 2010 at 12:30 pm

There is lot of media reporting on DRDO’s UAV Netra and all the reports are exactly similar, perhaps a press release of DRDO has been reproduced verbatim. You can simply search on internet and verify this unimaginative reporting.

Let me start with complementing DRDO and their joint collaborators including IIT Powai for conceiving and developing Netra. But what is so great about this ? Any one with a flair for aero-modelling can produce such simple contraption which will loiter for half an hour. Off- the- shelf  strap-on pay load is readily available in the market. Yes some technicality is necessary for ensuring compatibility of platform and pay load.

Well, Netra is ready and as per reports will be deployed in anti terrorist and counterinsurgency role. But, if I may ask, what will it achieve ? Are our SF looking for an aerial view of  area in their vicinity and hoping to find a group of terrorists or insurgents moving around to be picked up? To a limited extent it may be relevant to pick up movement of large groups during infiltration but better means of surveillance are already available for that.

A weight of 1.5 kg, battery life of 30 minutes and surveillance capability of 1.5 km from line of sight does not appeal, in effect this configuration will also lead to compromise in mounting of required payload.

When a plethora of systems and equipment including UAVs and drones are already in service to cater for different operational requirements is already in service with our SF, what can justify wastage of time, effort and public money on projects like Netra?

See the Netra in action in this you tube video:


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