Is Strike/Bandh the Correct Mode of Protest ?

In India, Politics on July 4, 2010 at 11:56 am

Tomorrow on 5th July Bharat Bandh has been called to protest against increasing prices and Govt insensitivity.

Political & nonpolitical parties/organisations have been resorting to strikes/bandhs to protest or draw attention.This practice is in vogue since time immemorial and its practitioners have come to construe this as their fundamental right and right to freedom of  expression & action.

Do they realize the amount of  loss and inconvenience caused to the common law abiding citizen and country?

Strike/bandh can still be understood if participation is voluntary and peaceful. It can not & should not be forced on those who do not wish to observe it.Use of threat & force including violence to ensure visible success is a common practice during strikes/bandhs which in effect is not only unlawful but also violative of fundamental rights of those who do not wish to participate and want to go about their normal routine.

We all are aware of unlawful means and actions resorted to by the organisers of strikes/bandhs ? Can loss to public , private and Govt property as well as business establishments be justified ?

Judiciary has time and again termed such strikes/bandhs unlawful. Still we are being confronted with such agony. Who is to ensure that freedom,life and property of citizens is not violated ?

Is Govt and law enforcing authorities reading?


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