Know About Diabetes

In Health on July 5, 2010 at 2:22 pm

Diabetes is a life style disease which is fast getting in the category of an epidemic. It has become very common and wide spread. The biggest problem with diabetes, as in the case of high/low blood pressure,is lack of awareness and consequent non-detection.

I will be failing in my duty as a human being if I do not contribute in creating awareness about this dreaded disease. Accordingly I will share basic details of diabetes with you.

What is diabetes ?

It is a disease that causes high levels of sugar/glucose in the blood. Normally sugar/glucose in blood is converted to energy through insulin which is released in blood by pancreas. Deficiency or absence of pancreatic insulin in a persons blood leads to higher levels of sugar/glucose.

Diabetes is of two types.

  • non insulin dependent in which external administration of insulin is not required for controlling blood sugar. This is more common and about 98 % cases of diabetes are in this category. Generally adults in 30 plus age group or persons with diabetic family history are prone to this type.
  • insulin dependent diabetes and it requires external administration of insulin through injection or pump for treatment because body stops production of insulin. It is rare and accounts for 2 % of total diabetic cases.


Absence of any immediate symptoms, specially in non insulin dependent type, results in non detection of diabetes for years together. Hence regular annual or periodic fasting blood sugar tests is essential for timely detection of diabetes.


One must consult the doctor and treatment should be under supervision and monitoring of qualified specialist. Some preventive guidelines are balanced diet, regular physical exercise including appropriate yoga postures, healthy life style and regular medical check up.


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