Israel relents and eases Gaza Blockade

In Defense, Israel on July 6, 2010 at 2:38 pm

World wide uproar and criticism  in the aftermath of Israeli raid on the international humanitarian aid flotilla in May 2010 has forced Israel to relent and ease the Gaza blockade.

The loosening of Gaza noose was evident and expected after the statement of US President. Obama had stated that the blockade is unsustainable and demanded that it must be eased significantly.

Import of household goods will now be permitted but restrictions on travel, exports and construction material will continue. However import of construction material like cement, concrete blocks and steel will be permitted for the projects funded and being constructed under supervision of international agencies.

Most countries, including USA , have welcomed the Israeli Prime Minister’s announcement regarding easing of blockade and they hope that it will bring the much needed relief for the inhabitants of Gaza.

No doubt loosening of the tight noose will bring in badly needed gasp of fresh air for the Gaza inhabitants, but lot more restrictions will have to go for sustainable relief.

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