Cloudburst calamity in Leh (Ladakhh):Update

In Environment, India on August 10, 2010 at 3:09 pm

UPDATE (9th August 2010).

The death toll has risen to 145 whereas more than 500 people are still missing. Rescue workers struggled through piles of mud and slush looking for persons who are still missing after the Friday’s devastating cloud burst calamity.

The once picturesque landscape has turned into a disaster zone, with tossed up vehicles lying scattered and mounds of silt and slush burying houses made of mud called ‘gomfa’.

UPDATE (10th August 2010).

Three French nationals, an Italian and a Spaniard were among 23 foreigners killed in cloudburst and flash floods that devastated Leh last Friday.Three French citizens — Augavelis Henri, Hellot Jacques and Daniel Hauri, an Italian identified as Riccardo Titton and Maromas Maria Lousdes from Spain have been declared dead. Sixteen of those killed are from Nepal and two persons were from Tibet.

The toll in the tragedy has risen to 166 with 400 people still missing. 73 injured people, including security personnel, were today flown out of the region by IAF for medical help.


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