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The Sons of Iraq

In Army, Military, Terrorism on August 11, 2010 at 7:52 am

“The Sons of Iraq” were born as a result of disgruntlement and  mini-rebellions against militants associated with al-Qaida  in late 2006. They soon grew into a success story in Iraq that was capitalised  by General David Petraeus, the then commander of US Forces in Iraq. He employed them in the role of counter terrorists to quell the insurgency. Each member was being paid a $300 monthly salary…..

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Naxal activities in the realm of “Children and Armed Conflicts”

In India, Terrorism on June 19, 2010 at 2:21 am

A recent UN report has reflected Naxal activities in certain Indian states in the realm of “Children and Armed Conflicts”. Indian envoy at UN has strongly protested this reference by stating that Naxal violence does not make it a zone of armed conflict as defined by the international law.

Well, we in India do feel that this reference is on the harsher side and strong protest by our UN envoy is fully justified.

Notwithstanding this harsh indictment, one should not undermine and overlook the UN report. In fact we must take cue from this report and go into all relevant details to verify the recruitment and use of children for Naxal violence. This UN indictment should thus be utilized to put in place the requisite preventive measures and save children from falling in to Naxal trap.

Always pick up positives from every adverse report and use it for maximum advantage.

How safe is schooling for Girls in Afghanistan ?

In Afghanistan, Terrorism on June 14, 2010 at 12:38 pm

A news report from Afghanistan tells that 60 girls of a school have been poisoned apparently for defying the Taliban diktats by attending the school. This is third such incident with in last week.

Is this the freedom we want to guarantee for the common Afghani wherein girl child can’t even go to school ?

Can any strength of Armed Forces, national or international, ensure girl child’s fundamental right to education ?

Answer of both these questions is “NO”.

I am not denouncing or belittling the sacrifices and yeoman services of valiant armed forces operating under UN mandate in Afghanistan because without them civilisation  in Afghanistan would have been dead long back.

I just want to emphasise that conducive environment has been created by these international forces in most of the Afghanistan and local army, police, civil administration and masses will have to overcome the fear, lethargy & inertia to rise and shape their own destiny from hereon. It goes without saying that final bullets for freedom and democracy in Afghanistan will have to be fired by the Afghani’s themselves.

Access to the 26/11 Mumbai plotter

In India, Terrorism on June 5, 2010 at 12:39 pm

US National Security Advisor James Jones has stated today that David Coleman Headley, the Pakistani-American LeT operative, has confessed his role in Mumbai attacks and India has been given access to him.

Indian investigating officers are already in Chicago, US for the purpose of investigating Headley who is lodged in Chicago jail.

US decision to provide access to Headley needs to be welcomed as it highlights the importance & relevance of international co operation in matters related to terrorism and fulfills US commitment of extending help in nailing the 26/11 plotters and executors.

One must understand that cases involving nationals of other sovereign countries acquire high sensitivity and should therefore be dealt with in the legal frame work of that nation. Indian assurance to work with in the US legal framework should be seen in this context.

Keeping in view the reality of trans border international terrorism, I would like to emphasize the need for international legal provisions to deal with such cases without offending the sensitivities of each other.

Use of Armed Forces against Naxals

In India, Terrorism on June 2, 2010 at 1:56 pm

Current spate of violent incidents by Maoist Naxals against police, paramilitary forces & innocent civilians and resultant large number of  fatal casualties have put the Central Govt under  pressure to use Armed Forces to control this menace.

Armed Forces are the ultimate & last resource of a nation to deal with any threat,external or internal. Status of Armed Forces is akin to “Bramhastra” ie they must only be committed when everything else has failed; more so if contemplating its use against our own citizens.

Have we expended all our resources and failed?

Answer is emphatic NO.

Till now only state police and some additional battalions of CRPF have been committed to combat this menace.When Central Police and Paramilitary forces can successfully combat insurgency in J&K, why won’t they succeed against Naxals? They will definitely succeed if we ensure correct kitting, proper training and clear directions to them.

Central Home Ministry has not yet taken over the control and blame for failure is being passed on to state govts as law & order is state subject. Isn’t the time is over ripe for stepping in of  Central Govt and creation of a unified command to address this menace in a well planned and coordinated manner?

Use of Armed Forces at this stage is a non issue.

Let us rise above the political affiliation & interests to rid the Nation of this menace forever.

Attempt on life of Sri Sri Ravishankar

In India, Terrorism on May 31, 2010 at 6:45 am

Sri Sri Ravishankar, founder of The Art of Living &  spiritual guru whose mission is to spread peace and happiness was fired upon in Bengaluru on Sunday evening.His one aide got injured in the firing.

I had the opportunity once to listen to his discourse and views during his Srinagar(J & K) visit in 2004.I found his philosophy & views were relevant and his concern for peace was genuine.

One wonders why someone has to make attempt on the life of a person who has dedicated himself to the cause of peace, harmony,happiness and non violence?

You will agree that we can count the number of such living apostles of peace & non violence on finger tips. Their life, mission & philosophy needs to be preserved and used for the benefit of humanity.

Island Intrusion: Possible Terrorist Threat

In India, Terrorism on May 29, 2010 at 1:06 pm

Somali Fishermen

News article in today’s Times of India states Somalis  in Lakshadweep trigger alarm bells. Indian Navy and Coast Guards have apprehended half a dozen Somali nationals with their boats in Lakshadweep islands over the last two days. Initial investigations have not revealed anything suspicious and in all probability they might be  genuine lost fishermen.

Notwithstanding the aforesaid, we should not take this apparently innocuous intrusion lightly. If half a dozen fishermen can make it to Lakshadweep islands, what prevents fully trained & motivated armed terrorists from invading far flung uninhabited Indian islands?

We must audit and review our existing island surveillance and domination plans as well as capabilities. If necessary additional resources in terms of  equipment and manpower should be deployed.Aerial surveillance and satellite imagery should be co opted  to ensure effective & fail proof plans.

It goes without saying that total integration of all resources and full coordination between all involved agencies will be the key to success.

Train derailment due to suspected Naxal blast

In India, Terrorism on May 28, 2010 at 2:05 am

It really saddened my heart when I woke up to the news of 15 dead and more than 50 injured due to derailment of  13 bogies of Gyaneshwari Express near West Midnapore in West Bengal. Railway is suspecting Maoist naxals behind the blast.

My heartfelt deep condolences to the bereaved families and early recovery wishes to the injured.

Nation needs to search answers as to why & till when innocent lives will continue to be lost due to such mindless brutal acts of violence? Are the citizens of a peaceful democratic nation entitled to the fundamental right of safety & security? If yes, then who is responsible to ensure? It is time to fix responsibilities of those who time and again fail in their constitutional obligations towards citizens of this nation. I  am sure you agree with me.

P. S.  Death toll has gone up to more than 100 and number of injured has risen to more than 200.

Chidambaram speak on maoists

In India, Terrorism on May 19, 2010 at 9:43 am

Home minister P. Chidambram made some important statements after the maoist strike of 17May 2010.We must analyse these to understand in correct perspective.

Use of Air power

In this context Air effort can be used effectively for

  • Recce (visual & photo)
  • Heli lifting & dropping SF to intercept extremists
  • Move of reinforcements
  • Straffing well defined large group of extremists
  • Casualty evacuation.

Subject of State Govt

Mr Chidambram rightly reminded that it is a state responsibility. However  now he (union govt) must  accept this responsibility as the menace has already engulfed five states and uncoordinated individual state measures have not yielded desired results. Centralized Unified Command under Home ministry should be set up without delay to deal with this menace effectively.

One must remember that such menace, if not curbed effectively, has the potential of spinning out of control and  the Nation may  have to pay heavy price.  Both the options of dialog and SF action must therefor be explored to find a speedy solution.

Maoists strike again

In India, Terrorism on May 18, 2010 at 10:10 am

In yet another violent incident, a civil bus carrying 50 persons including 18 SPO’s was blown off by Maoists in Dantewada just 4 km away from CRPF camp on 17 May 2010. 44 persons including 18 SPO’s died in the incident.

One is not sure if this blast was actually meant for the civil bus or was planned for Dantewada SP and other police persons who crossed the spot 10 minutes before the ill-fated bus.

Notwithstanding the aforesaid, violence and loss of innocent human lives needs to be condemned strongly. Maoist extremists must realize that violent means will not only alienate them but will harm their cause. They must renounce violence and resort to peaceful negotiations.

I would also like to recommend certain preventive measures for security forces  to avoid such incidents:

  • Do not move single vehicle,resort to convoy move of three or more vehicles after proper  route opening.
  • Route opening must include traversing the entire route with mine detectors & explosive detection trained dogs  to detect any IED and deploying picket parties for surveillance & reaction.
  • Keep sector wise , vehicle  based quick reaction teams for response.
  • Never move in civil vehicles along with civil persons.