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Secret Of Soccer’s ‘Best Free Kick’ !

In soccer, sports on September 3, 2010 at 6:54 am

French scientists have claimed to unravel  the secret of the “best free kick” ever in international football by Brazil’s Roberto Carlos against France in 1997.

Carlos’ free kick from 115 ft in the Tournai de France, which seemingly headed for the corner flag but suddenly curved to land in the net, has been written off by many as an incredible fluke…….

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FIFA World Cup 2010: Top 4 (Semifinal Lineup)

In soccer, sports on July 4, 2010 at 3:47 am

Soccer extravaganza is reaching towards final crescendo.

Eight top teams fought fiercely for semifinal slots. Fancied and strong contenders Argentina and Brazil were knocked out by Germany and Netherlands respectively whereas dark horse Ghana & Paraguay were edged out by Uruguay and Spain.

Semifinal lineup and schedule is:-

  • Uruguay vs Netherlands on 6 July 2010
  • Spain vs Germany on 7 July 2010

My pick for top two





FIFA World Cup 2010:Brazil withers in the orange storm(1st Quarter Final)

In soccer, sports on July 2, 2010 at 3:58 pm




The first quarter final match of FIFA World Cup 2010 was played between Brazil and Netherlands at Port Elizabeth Stadium.

Netherlands came to preserve their 23 match unbeaten run since September 2008,whereas Brazil, the formidable and record five time winner of FIFA World Cup entered the stadium to live up to their reputation of giving their best in world cup’s.

Brazil opened up the account and took an early lead by 10th minute goal of Robinho and continued to lead by 1-0 till the end of first half.

Netherlands got their equalizer in 53rd minute when they were gifted a self goal by Felipe Melo of Brazil. Incidentally this is the first self goal by Brazil in their 97 match history of 80 year old FIFA World Cup and this is the second time that Netherlands had benefited from a self goal in the current year’s tournament(FIFA World Cup’10)

Sneijder of Netherlands scored to give 2-1 lead to his team and Brazil was trailing for the first time in the tournament this year and history repeated itself when Brazil got knocked out once again in quarter finals circa 2006.

Netherlands thus became the first to qualify for 2010 FIFA Semi finals where they will meet winner of the second quarter final between Uruguay and Ghana.

Man of  the Match

Wesley Sneijder


Uruguay won the second quarter final match by defeating dark horse Ghana in a penalty shoot out after they remained tied at 1-1 in regular time. Though Ghana took the lead in first half, Uruguay equalized in 55th minute. Result of penalty shoot out was 4-2 in favour of Uruguay.

Uruguay thus became second team to qualify for 2010 semifinals and they will meet Netherlands in their quest to reach finals.

What is Your pick for FIFA World Cup 2010 Final Match ?

In soccer, sports on July 1, 2010 at 6:09 am

Quarter Final line up for the FIFA World Cup 2010 has already been finalized. These top 8 teams will be vying first for slots in semifinals and then for the two coveted berths of final match.

You have been closely following the performance, current form of player as well as strengths and weaknesses of these 8 teams since 11 June 2010.

I am quite sure that you can now predict and take your pick of two finalists quite accurately. Who do you think will make it to the top 2 ? (select any two teams).

Winner of FIFA World Cup: DAY 10

In soccer, sports on June 21, 2010 at 2:32 pm

Slovakia Vs Paraguay


Paraguay won , Score  2-0

Goal 1-   Paraguay took lead  in 27th minute through Enrique Vera.

Goal 2-   Cristian Riveros sealed victory with 2nd goal in 86th minute

Man of the Match-

Enrique Vera

Midfielder (Paraguay)

Enrique Vera

Brazil Vs Cote d’Ivoire


Brazil won, Score  3-1

Goal 1 & 2- Brazil  established lead of 2 goals through Luis Fabiano in 25h minute and 50th minute

Goal 3- By Elano of Brazil in 62nd minute

Goal 4-Didier Drogba of  Cote d’Ivoire reduced the margin by scoring a goal in 79th minute

Man of the Match-

Luis Fabiano

Forward (Brazil)

Luis Fabiano

Italy Vs NewZealand


Match drawn won, Score  1-1

Goal 1-  Shane Smeltz  esatablished an early lead for New Zealand  in 7th minute

Goal 2-  Vincenzo Iaquinta scored an equaliser through penalty in 29th minute

Man of the Match-

Daniele De Rossi


Daniele De Rossi

Leading Goal Scorers (Golden Boot Contenders)

Name Team Goals Scored
Gonzalo Higuain Argentina 3
Tiago Portugal 2
Elano Brazil 2
A Gyan Ghana 2
Luis Fabiano Brazil 2


Team Matches Played Goal For Goal Against Points
Group A
South Africa 2 1 4 1
Mexico 2 3 1 4
Uruguay 2 3 0 4
France 2 0 2 1
Group B
South Korea 2 3 4 3
Argentina 2 5 1 6
Nigeria 2 1 3 0
Greece 2 2 3 3
Group C
USA 2 3 3 2
England 2 1 1 2
Slovenia 2 3 2 4
Algeria 2 0 1 1
Group D
Germany 2 4 1 3
Australia 2 1 5 1
Serbia 2 1 1 3
Ghana 2 2 1 4
Group E
Netherlands 2 3 0 6
Denmark 2 3 3 3
Japan 2 1 1 3
Cameroon 2 1 3 0
Group F
Italy 2 2 2 2
Paraguay 2 3 1 4
New Zealand 2 2 2 2
Slovakia 2 1 3 1
Group G
Brazil 2 5 2 6
North Korea 1 1 2 0
Cote d’Ivoire 2 1 3 1
Portugal 1 0 0 1
Group H
Spain 1 0 1 0
Switzerland 1 1 0 3
Honduras 1 0 1 0
Chile 1 1 0 3

Winner of FIFA World Cup 2010 is ?????

In soccer, sports on June 11, 2010 at 1:08 pm

The biggest sporting event of 2010 , FIFA Football World Cup, has begun in South Africa. It will take some time before the dust of inaugural ceremony settles down and team positions stabilizes in respective groups. Haze will only start clearing in quarter final matches and picture will become somewhat clear on finalization of semifinal lineup. Making a guess about the winner even at that stage will be hazardous because there will be very thin line difference between the top four teams. But it is human to guess and let us indulge.

Past Winners

Brazil have won the World Cup a record five times, with Italy hard on their heels with four wins and West Germany on three. Here is a list of all the World Cup winners along with runner-up and final score.

Year Host Winner Runner Up Score
1930 Uruguay Uruguay Argentina 4-2
1934 Italy Italy Czechoslovakia 2-1
1938 France Italy Hungary 4-2
1950 Brazil Uruguay Brazil 2-1
1954 Switzerland West Germany Hungary 3-2
1958 Sweden Brazil Sweden 5-2
1962 Chile Brazil Czechoslovakia 3-1
1966 England England West Germany 4-2
1970 Mexico Brazil Italy 4-1
1974 West Germany West Germany Netherlands 2-1
1978 Argentina Argentina Netherlands 3-1
1982 Spain Italy West Germany 3-1
1986 Mexico Argentina West Germany 3-2
1990 Italy West Germany Argentina 1-0
1994 United States Brazil Italy 0-0 (P)
1998 France France Brazil 3-0
2002 South Korea/Japan Brazil Germany 2-0
2006 Germany Italy France 1-1 (P)

Winner of 2010 ?

One must take in to account the availability of players, performance during the last one year, current form, strength & weakness as a team and record in past world cups before guessing & arriving at final four.

My take on final four is :-